Black Pashmina Stole | Handwoven
Black Pashmina Stole | Handwoven
Black Pashmina Stole | Handwoven

Black Pashmina Stole | Handwoven

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Keep it simple with a statement stole this season, the solid Black Pashmina is a everyday classic. Crafted with a fabric that is soft, warm, lightweight, young and an all time wear, a piece that accentuates your outfit with it’s simple elegance.

 Brand - Urzuv

Base material 100% Cashmere Pashmina Wool
Weight 84 gms
Length * Breadth 80 inches * 28 inches
Method of weaving Traditional Kashmir Loom
Wool origin "Changthangi breed" of Capra Hircus goat
Place of origin - wool Ladakh
Place of origin - weaving Kashmir
Country of origin India
Wash Dry clean only.
Care Keep away from moisture & rodents.

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