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Looking for Bulk Buying ?

"Treasures of Kashmir" is committed to serve its "retail clients" as well as "institutional   buyers".

 Let us know your bulk quantity requirements and we will ensure that your purchase will be hassle and shopping experience stress free.

Whether your requirement is for corporate orders, exports or for re-selling, our team is available at all times to assist you in the best possible way.

"Treasures of Kashmir" assures you :

 1.  Lowest rates.

 ​2. Customization as per your choice.

 3. Partnerships with world class courier companies.

​ 4. Committed and Caring support team.

​ 5. Highest quality products.

 6. Dedicated team for "bulk purchases"

Fill up your details in the form below, and let us start together a journey of mutual trust & fruitful business.