The Sufi poetry in Kashmir by Shahbaz Hakbari
The Sufi poetry in Kashmir by Shahbaz Hakbari
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The Sufi poetry in Kashmir by Shahbaz Hakbari

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"The Sufi Poetry in Kashmir" by Shahbaz Hakbari is a captivating voyage into the mystical realm of Kashmir's Sufi poets, masterfully translated from Kashmiri to English. This book is a luminous gem that unveils the spiritual journey of poets who poured their hearts onto paper, capturing the essence of divine love and the eternal connection between human souls and the divine.

Hakbar's translations transport readers to a world where words transcend the physical, and emotions reverberate through the very fabric of existence. The profound beauty of Sufi poetry lies not only in the eloquence of the verses but in the deep, transformative experiences they convey. Each line is an invitation to explore the inner landscapes of the heart, to dance with the rhythms of devotion and to lose oneself in the intoxicating ecstasy of divine union.

The book's pages are adorned with verses that bridge cultures, languages, and eras, carrying with them the teachings of Sufi masters who sought to unravel the mysteries of existence. Hakbar's dedication to capturing the essence of these poems while preserving their authenticity is truly commendable. The translations resonate with a heartfelt authenticity that makes the Sufi poets' messages accessible to a global audience.

As readers journey through the pages, they're immersed in a world of metaphor and symbolism, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. This collection isn't just a compilation of poems; it's an intimate conversation between the soul and the divine. The poets' metaphysical explorations and devotional fervor create a tapestry that intertwines the human experience with the cosmic.

"The Sufi Poetry in Kashmir" serves as a bridge between cultures, guiding readers into a world that is both deeply personal and universally relevant. Hakbar's skillful translation allows the beauty of the original Kashmiri verses to shine through, capturing the essence of the Sufi tradition that has left an indelible mark on the region.

In an age where the rush of modern life often distracts us from the depths of spirituality, this book is a resounding reminder of the eternal quest for connection and transcendence. Whether you're well-versed in Sufi poetry or new to its magic, this book invites you to explore the divine within and without, to taste the sweetness of divine love that flows through every word.

"The Sufi Poetry in Kashmir" is a masterpiece that invites you to step into the shoes of these mystical poets, to dance with the whirling dervishes of their words, and to experience the timeless journey of the soul toward the Beloved.

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name The Sufi poetry in Kashmir 
Author Shahbaz Hakbari
Category Poetry
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-446-8
Format Hardcover

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