The Persian Narrative of Kashmir by RL Bhat
The Persian Narrative of Kashmir by RL Bhat
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The Persian Narrative of Kashmir by RL Bhat

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Zainulaabdiin's great grandson, Muhammad Shah, died in 1537 CE. He was succeeded by his son, Shamas, who was deposed a year later. While Shamas was still on the throne, Shuka Pandit completed the last updation of Raajatarangini, bringing the primary account of Kashmir around the middle of the 16th century, 1538 CE, continuing similar updations of Kalhana's work by Joonaraaja, Shrivara, and Praajya Bhatta. A remarkable feature of the Raajatarangini series, or the later Sanskrit histories of Kashmir, is that they provide continuous eyewitnesses account of Kashmir history, from the 13th to 16th centuries. 

Persian histories of Kashmir began to be written after the 16th century. They are two types. One is the Persian histories carrying, inter alia, accounts of Kashmir. Thus, around 1544-45 CE, the then-ruler Merzaa Haider wrote Taariikhi Rashiidii, an account of the Mughals, with a few chapters on Kashmir. Merzaa also provided valuable eyewitness descriptions. In the early 17th century, Hindu Khaan Firishta wrote his taariikh, known as Taariikhi Firishta, devoting the penultimate chapter to Kashmir. Then comes the Persian history of Kashmir. Sayyid Ali, an associate of Metzaa, wrote the first Persian taariikh of Kashmir towards the end of Chak rule, around 1579 CE. After his conquest of Kashmir, Akbar got the Raajatarangini works translated into Persian, in 999 HE (1593 CE). It was rehashed by Abdul Qaadir Badaayuunii and is known as Intikhaabii Taariikhi Kashmir, or Munich Manuscript. The second Persian history of Kashmir, Bahaaristaani Shaahii was written in the first quarter of 17th century CE. A decade later came the taariikh of Haidar Malik Chaaddurah. 

It is often forgotten that all Persian histories had the Raajalaranginis, either in original or in translation. or a folklorish version thereof, as their source. Yet, these are filled with errors, variations, dilations, and insertions. They practically revised the Raajataranginis, without citing any alternate source. Persian Narrative of Kashmir — A corrigendum, is an examination of the narrations of Persian histories as to their veracity. The work juxtaposes the variations, dilations, and insertions to the original accounts, aiming to put the history of Kashmir on the right keel. 

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Book Name The Persian Narrative of Kashmir
Author R L Bhat
Category History/Academics
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-454-3
Format Hardcover
Pages 440
Book Weight 490 gm
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