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This book is the translated version of Tazkira Aslaf Yanay Sultanul Arifeen (R.A.). It introduces us to the biography and miracles of not only Sheikh Hamzah (R.A.) but also his great Contemporaries who enlightened the people of Kashmir with the teachings of Islam and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The place we belong to is known for so many things across the world. It has been given different names such as Pir Waer which means the valley of saints which is in fact very true about it because when we look around, we find countless graves and shrines of great religious scholars who have visited this land at different times for spreading the message of true God. This book elaborates how the contemporaries of Sheikh Hamzah (R.A.) worked for leading the people to the righteous path, the path which finally leads to Allah, the Creator. It throws light in particular on the birth, education and achievements of the great saint, Sheikh Hamzah (R.A.).

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Sultan-Ul-Arifeen
Author Abdul Majeed Raina Makhdoomi
Category Religion
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-040-8
Format Hardcover

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