Servant of Sahibs by Ghulam Rasssul Galwan
Servant of Sahibs by Ghulam Rasssul Galwan
Servant of Sahibs by Ghulam Rasssul Galwan
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Servant of Sahibs by Ghulam Rasssul Galwan

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"Servant of Sahibs" is an autobiographical book by Ghulam Rasul Galwan, an Indian man who worked as a servant for British officers during the colonial era in India. Galwan's story provides a unique perspective on the relationship between the British and Indians during this time period, as he shares his experiences serving and interacting with British officers and their families.

Galwan's story begins with his childhood in the remote village of Ladakh and his journey to India's northern plains to work as a servant for British officers. He recounts his experiences of working in different households, learning new skills, and interacting with people from different cultures.

Through his narrative, Galwan sheds light on the social and cultural dynamics of colonial India, including the class divide between the British and Indians, the role of servants in British households, and the discrimination faced by Indians under British rule.

Overall, "Servant of Sahibs" offers a valuable perspective on the complex history of British colonialism in India and the lasting impact it had on Indian society.

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name Servant of Sahibs
Author Ghulam Rasssul Galwan
Category Autobiography/Culture
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-176-4
Format Hardcover

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