Selected Ghazals of Ghalib by Khwaja Tariq Mehmood
Selected Ghazals of Ghalib by Khwaja Tariq Mehmood
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Selected Ghazals of Ghalib by Khwaja Tariq Mehmood

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"Selected Ghazals of Ghalib" by Khwaja Tariq Mehmood is a remarkable compilation that breathes life into the timeless works of one of Urdu's greatest poets, Mirza Ghalib. With his deep understanding of Ghalib's thoughts and a masterful command of the English language, Mehmood has succeeded in delivering an exquisite translation that truly does justice to the essence of the poet's verses.

One of the standout aspects of this collection is Mehmood's ability to capture the inner-theme of Ghalib's ghazals. The intricate emotions, complex musings, and philosophical undertones that characterize Ghalib's work are meticulously preserved in Mehmood's translations. It is evident that Mehmood has delved deep into the psyche of Ghalib, allowing readers to experience the full depth and beauty of the poet's vision.

Furthermore, Mehmood's translation maintains the originality of Ghalib's poetic style. The ghazals in this collection retain their lyrical quality, their elegance, and their distinct rhythmic patterns. Mehmood's careful attention to detail ensures that Ghalib's unique voice shines through, captivating readers and immersing them in the timeless charm of his verses.

Beyond the quality of the translations, the book itself is a visual delight. The layout is clean and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the reader to fully appreciate both the written words and the accompanying calligraphic art. The thoughtful design elements enhance the overall reading experience, making it a true pleasure to delve into the poetic world of Ghalib.

"Selected Ghazals of Ghalib" is not only a testament to the talent of Khwaja Tariq Mehmood as a translator but also a gateway for non-Urdu speaking readers to access the brilliance of Mirza Ghalib's work. Mehmood's dedication to bringing Ghalib's thoughts and imaginations into English is evident on every page, making this collection an essential addition to any lover of poetry's bookshelf.

In conclusion, "Selected Ghazals of Ghalib" by Khwaja Tariq Mehmood is a masterful translation that captures the heart and soul of Mirza Ghalib's poetic genius. Mehmood's ability to preserve the inner-theme and originality of Ghalib's vision is truly commendable. This book is a treasure for those seeking to explore the beauty of Urdu poetry in English, and it stands as a testament to the enduring power of Ghalib's words.

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Selected Ghazals of Ghalib
Author Khwaja Tariq Mehmood
Category Poetry
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-311-9
Format Softcover

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