KO Kashmiri Organic Morel Mushrooms (25gms)
KO Kashmiri Organic Morel Mushrooms (25gms)
Kashmir Origin

KO Kashmiri Organic Morel Mushrooms (25gms)

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Gaining popularity amongst chefs and foodies recently, this honeycomb structured, earthy flavoured variety of mushrooms is taking the food world by storm. The reason? They're only grown in the wild, unlike farmed commercial mushrooms. KO team carefully 
procures them from the wild forests of Kashmir & packs them in a safe & hygienic way without any addition/alteration.
Besides a unique taste and appearance of this special ingredient, morel mushrooms are rich in anti-oxidants & immunity boosting agents.

Brand  -  Kashmir Origin

Ingredients Kashmiri Morel Mushrooms
Alternate name  कश्मीरी  गुच्छी मशरूम
Type Organic, Vegetarian
Drying process NA
Weight 25 gm
Package content unit 1
Expiry 12 months from date of packaging
Origin Kashmir


Health benefits 1. Helps improve immunity 
2. Prevents formation of free radicals in the body
3. Improves haemoglobin in the blood
4. Helps manage weight as it is low in calories
5. Having the highest concentration of Vit.D among all mushrooms, morel mushrooms are beneficial for your bone health
6. Presence of zinc makes it beneficial for your reproductive health

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