KO Best Kashmiri Saffron (1 gm)
KO Best Kashmiri Saffron (1 gm)
KO Best Kashmiri Saffron (1 gm)
KO Best Kashmiri Saffron (1 gm)
Kashmir Origin

KO Best Kashmiri Saffron (1 gm)

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Saffron also called as "king of spices" is the most expensive spice in the world. Known for its immense health benefits, saffron imparts a beautiful golden colour and pungent, aromatic flavour to foods. We bring you the best quality 100 % pure Kashmiri saffron in its natural form. Handpicked and hygienically packed by KO, this magical spice will give your recipes the perfect flavour and an aroma. Being a powerful antioxidant and a natural pain reliever, saffron improves mood and may help in fighting depressive symptoms.

Band - Kashmir Origin

Ingredients Mogra Saffron threads
Alternate name केसर /  زعفران
Type Organic, Vegetarian
Drying process Natural, Sun-dried
Weight 1 gm
Package content unit 1
Expiry 18 month from the date of packaging
Origin Kashmir
Health benefits 1. Helps improve memory & learning ability
2. Helps prevent depressive symptoms as it is known to improve one's mood.
3. May have anti-cancer properties
4. May help reduce PMS (pre-menstrual) symptoms.
5. May Act as an Aphrodisiac
6. Helps reduce pigmentation, brown spots & other skin blemishes.

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