KO Best Kashmiri Pitted Apricots (400gms)
KO Best Kashmiri Pitted Apricots (400gms)
KO Best Kashmiri Pitted Apricots (400gms)
Kashmir Origin

KO Best Kashmiri Pitted Apricots (400gms)

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Pitted Apricots from KO are naturally sweet, fat-free, and have no cholesterol. Apricots are the healthiest way to a healthy heart and a strong vision. Juicy and plumpy, these apricots are Non-GMO & chemical-free.

Brand - Kashmir Origin

Ingredients Pitted apricot
Alternate name

खुबानी खुदी हुई

Type Organic, Vegetarian
Drying process Natural, Sun-dried
Weight 400 gms
Package content unit 1
Expiry 12 months from date of packaging
Origin Kashmir
Health benefits

1. Rich in important nutrients, including fibre, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

2. Dried apricots are beneficial in weight control. If consumed in moderation, dried apricots help to fight obesity.

3. Kashmiri Dried apricots help to give relief from constipation.

4. Due to its high iron content, it is extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

5. Helps improve eyesight.

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