Kashmiri Sufi Poetry - Shamas Faqir & Wahab Khar
Kashmiri Sufi Poetry - Shamas Faqir & Wahab Khar
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Kashmiri Sufi Poetry - Shamas Faqir & Wahab Khar

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The present book revolves around the text and translation of select poems of the prominent Kashmir Sufi poets of the 19th Century-- -- Shamas Faqir & Wahab Khar. Situating these poets in the Sufi landscape of Kashmir, efforts have been put in to carve out a literary niche for both, Shamas Faqir & Wahab Khar by deliberating on the efficacy of the text of their Sufi verses. The English translation of the select masterpieces is sure to provide a much wider reading class to the otherwise vernacular literature and language, confined to limited regional space. While translating the original pieces of poetry, the author has tried his level best not to lose sight of the distinctive literary and cultural pulse and metaphor.

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Kashmiri Sufi Poetry
Author Translated by Sultanate Farooq
Category Poetry/Sufism
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-569-4
Format Hardcover

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