Kashmir Under the Sultans
Kashmir Under the Sultans
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Kashmir Under the Sultans

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"Kashmir Under the Sultans" by Professor Mohibbul Hasan is a captivating journey through the annals of Kashmir's history during a crucial period, stretching from the emergence of the Sultanate to the momentous conquest of the valley by Akbar. In the realm of historical literature, this book holds a unique distinction for its ability to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the political, social, economic, and cultural developments that left an indelible mark on the region.

One of the book's most commendable merits is its skillful encapsulation of the multifaceted activities that shaped the destiny of Kashmir during the Sultanate era. Professor Mohibbul Hasan meticulously chronicles the rise and fall of Kashmir's cultural zenith during this time. The valley, under the Sultanate's influence, had attained a remarkable standard of culture. However, as the grip of independence slipped away, so did the cultural vibrancy that once defined Kashmir.

The narrative reveals the heart-wrenching exodus of poets, painters, and scholars from the once-thriving courts of the Sultans in Srinagar. Bereft of local patronage, these luminaries were forced to abandon their homeland and seek livelihoods in distant lands. Their service to the Mughal emperors, while adding luster to the imperial court, exacerbated Kashmir's cultural and social impoverishment.

Professor Mohibbul Hasan's book is not merely a historical account; it is a treasure trove of insights into the intricate political and cultural currents that shaped Kashmir's destiny during this pivotal period. His meticulous research and insightful analysis make this book an invaluable resource for social historians seeking to understand the ebb and flow of Kashmiri society.

In "Kashmir Under the Sultans," Professor Mohibbul Hasan has crafted a compelling narrative that invites readers to immerse themselves in the complex tapestry of Kashmir's history. It is a book that sheds light on a bygone era, offering a profound understanding of the forces that transformed a once-flourishing culture. If you are a history enthusiast or a social historian, this book is an indispensable addition to your reading list, promising to deepen your appreciation of Kashmir's rich and intricate past.

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name Kashmir Under the Sultans
Author Professor Mohibbul Hasan
Category History
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-462-8
Format Hardcover

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