Kashmir Shaivism
Kashmir Shaivism
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Kashmir Shaivism

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The first beginnings of what has been called Kashmir Shaivaism', to distinguish it from other forms of Shaivism known and still practised in different parts of India, may have to be the Shiva Sutras'. Its teachings and practices are given, in the literature of the system, the distinctive name ofTrika-shasana, Trika-Shastra-or simply Trikas, and are often referred to as the. Rahasya-Sampradayal, while Shaivism, in general, is spoken of as Shiva-Shasana or Shivagama. Although the Trika form of Shaivism would seem to have: made its first appearance in Kashmir at the beginning of the ninth, or perhaps towards the end of the eighth century of the Christian era, Shiva Shasana or Shivagama that is Shaivaism as such is far older than this date. Indeed we may have to trace its beginnings in the Vedic Revelations. In Kashmir itself — where even the most orthodox followers of the Shivagama admit that the Trika-Shasana first appeared (or, as they put it, reappeared) about the beginning of the ninth Christian century—Shivagama is regarded as of high antiquity, indeed of eternal existence like the Vedas.

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Book Name Kashmir Shaivism
Author Jagadish Chandra Chatterji
Category Religion
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-077-4
Format Hardcover

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