Kashmir Papers - British Intervention in Kashmir
Kashmir Papers - British Intervention in Kashmir
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Kashmir Papers - British Intervention in Kashmir

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By the middle of the nineteenth century, world history recorded the most shameful and condemnable international transaction which created history of the sale of a nation along with its rich resources, tradition with values, and dignity in its cultural ethos. Sometime thereafter few conscious veterans from amongst those auctioneers of the only paradise on the earth visited the sold heaven as travellers or tourists and found the natural consequences of the unscrupulous transaction of their own fellow countrymen. Their consciousness made them moan and lament upon their own contributory follies. Those conscious and honest observers shared the impact which they received here in Kashmir with their own people through the four stories they carried here from. A few agents of the beneficiaries tried to paint with prejudice those chapters of impartial assessment. A keen student of Kashmir history, folk, and letters Mr G. N. Gauhar has in his forward pinpointed corroborating material from all those sources succinctly but with precision. This publishing house is committed to resurrecting the yesterday memories of J & K so that a better tomorrow is modelled.

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name Kashmir Papers - British Intervention in Kashmir
Author G.N Gauhar, Shahwar Gauhar
Category Politics
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-082-8
Format Hardcover

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