Kashmir Coinage by Iqbal Ahmad
Kashmir Coinage by Iqbal Ahmad
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Kashmir Coinage by Iqbal Ahmad

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The book titled 'Kashmir coinage' is the first book where in the coins of Kashmir sultans have been first time treated elaborately. The sultanate chronology has followed with a discussion on Sanskrit and Persian chronicles of Kashmir. A brief history of general coins and various metals is also discussed in the book, which is in turn followed by Kashmir Sultanate coins. The Numismatic hoard found at Barthan, Qamarwari and Srinagar which carried exclusively the coins of the Sultans stands classified and catalogued in this book. It is the first time when the coins of Kashmir Sultans have been elaborately discussed and catalogued. It is the first book on this subject and the readers interested in Sultanate Period history and coinage would find it most useful and very interesting. 

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Kashmir Coinage 
Author Iqbal Ahmad
Category History/Academic
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-415-4
Format Hardcover

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