Kashmir & Central Asia by P.N.K Bamzai
Kashmir & Central Asia by P.N.K Bamzai
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Kashmir & Central Asia by P.N.K Bamzai

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The Geographic location of Central Asia has been of decisive importance for trade and cultural exchanges. Before the discovery of the sea route between the Pict and the West, all the main trade routes connecting Eastern countries with Eastern Europe and countries of the Near East lay across this territory. Here races from other parts of the world have met and fought for power and left behind vestiges of their cultures and, religions. The result was giant migrations-not only of peoples but of cultures and religions as well. Astride the caravan route from China, Central Asia, and Tibet, to India, Kashmir has had a special position in. the political, social, and cultural structure of Central Asia. In the first ten centuries of the Christian era; it was to Kashmir they looked for inspiration and guidance. The c6ntributiong of Kashmir to the spread of Mahayana Buddhism in the region and beyond is a fascinating study. The book for the first time embraces study-Of the geographical; political and cultural relations between Kashmir and Central Asia from pre-historic times. Fully documented, it is a work of significance to the study of the social, political, and cultural history of the "Heart of Asia".

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Kashmir & Central Asia 
Author P.N.K Bamzai
Category History
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-062-0
Format Hardcover

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