Kashmir Case Law by Dr.Abdul Majid Siraj
Kashmir Case Law by Dr.Abdul Majid Siraj
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Kashmir Case Law by Dr.Abdul Majid Siraj

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This book examines the merits of customary international laws that are binding on all the States and have been implicated in the Kashmir case. In 1947 the British were under Treaty obligation to prevent military incursions into Kashmir and as administrators of non-self-governing territory steer Kashmir into a secure political entity. Pakistan is incriminated for breaking the standstill agreement with the ruler and for fighting a destructive war with India inside the borders of Kashmir. India broke the laws by entering into an accession deed with the ruler to assign the future of the State without a reference to the people of the local standing government or its constitution (1939). India bound Kashmir to itself albeit unilaterally as an autonomous state. It is illegal to have withdrawn that status. Authorities that rule Kashmir are blameworthy for infractions of the bill of rights covenants for consistent abuse of the Human rights of the population. As a result of these actions, the Kashmir case is in the international domain, even apart from the United Nations involvement and a threat of peace in the region.

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Book Name Kashmir Case Law
Author Dr.Abdul Majid Siraj
Category Politics
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-083-5
Format Hardcover

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