Kashmir Bliss by Badruddin Muqeem
Kashmir Bliss by Badruddin Muqeem
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Kashmir Bliss by Badruddin Muqeem

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"The musing of Demure —Damsels of Heaven"- contains more than 200 poetic verses —on different subjects in a pattern of varied forms- as quatrains, 5-10 or more lined stanza —forms, lyrics and in couplets with proper rhymes-reproduced in quintessential version" of the poetry of Nund-Reshi-Sahzanand-(Hazrat sheikh-ul-alam Sheikh Noorudin Noorani) RA in Kashmiri. It is an appeasement of my curiosity and my Earnest-Zeal, for its composition as evoked due to its thematic Bewitchment' of universal appeal that led me to present it not through word for word translations (rather as insipid poetry) which I discarded out-rightly, as being a distortion from the main function of poetry..

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name Kashmir Bliss
Author Badruddin Muqeem
Category Poetry
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-036-1
Format Hardcover

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