India Kashmir By Syed Tassaduque Hussain
India Kashmir By Syed Tassaduque Hussain
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India Kashmir By Syed Tassaduque Hussain

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Hussain has a brilliant razor-sharp mind, and, with consummate skill, adroitly, in his inimitable and incomparable style, literalizes the subtle and impalpable undertones of Indian Politics and exposes the intricate causes that have bedeviled the politics of the Indian subcontinent. This book is as dangerous as an explosive and will blast open the shutters of your mind. The book is splendid, excellent and wonderful, and is not meant for those who are opinionated dogmatic, or prejudiced. Indian and Kashmiri Politicians should read this book thrice and perceive the underlying message. This book opens a new outlook on Kashmir politics.

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name India Kashmir
Author Tassaduque Hussain
Category Politics
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-119-1
Format Hardcover

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