IBN ARABI,The Meccan Revelations
IBN ARABI,The Meccan Revelations
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IBN ARABI,The Meccan Revelations

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Because of the subtlety of his language and Complexity of his thought, access to Ibn 'Arabi has always been difficult and translation daunting. Previously only short extracts were available in English. This volume, the first of two, contains 22 key chapters of this Sufi "summa mystica," on such issues as Ibn 'Arabi's doctrine of the Divine Names, the nature of spiritual experience, the end of time, the resurrection and the stages of the path that lead the sanctity, successfully edited and translated by three of the most accomplished scholars of our age. This great book soars beyond time, culture and any particular from the religion. Described what is fundamental to our humanity, it is astonishingly universal. Finally, readers in the West have an entree into one of the most important, profound works of world literature.

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name IBN ARABI, The Meccan Revelations
Author Translated by Michel Chodkiewicz
Category Religion
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-362-1
Format Hardcover

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