Festivals of Kashmir by M.Amin Pandit
Festivals of Kashmir by M.Amin Pandit
Festivals of Kashmir by M.Amin Pandit
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Festivals of Kashmir by M.Amin Pandit

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Notwithstanding the trials, travails and tribulations through which Kashmir and its inhabitants have had to pass through during past few centuries under foreign occupation, Kashmiris have sustained their deft fingers' clinch on their traditional arts, crafts, music, poetry and folklore. The story of this preservation under odd winds and adverse conditions is strikingly unique and praiseworthy. Kashmiris deserve to be congratulated for exhibiting steadfastness in maintaining their cultural identity during all these centuries of foreign domination and suffering poverty, privation, plight, decimation and destruction at the hands of unkind rulers. "Festivals of Kashmir" is an attempt to present the struggle of survival, on the part of the people of Kashmir

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Festivals of Kashmir
Author M.Amin Pandit
Category Academic/History
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-049-1
Format Hardcover

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