Ancient Sculptures of Kashmir by Iqbal Ahmad
Ancient Sculptures of Kashmir by Iqbal Ahmad
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Ancient Sculptures of Kashmir by Iqbal Ahmad

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During the period of ancient Hindu and Buddhist rulers (4th century AD up to 14th century AD) the impressive stone works, in architecture as well as in -sculpture making flourished across Kashmir. The massive glorious ruins of Martand, Avantipura, Narasthan, Kothiar, Pandhrethan, Pattan, Parahaspura, Wangth temples stand a fine example of the architectural works besides the magnificently carved stone and bronze images, What today preserved in different museums and art galleries mostly were commissioned during the period of their rule. Although due to the mass destruction of stone images and melting of brilliant metal images by Harsha and few other rulers, a little collection of icons had reached to us. The present monogram titled "Ancient sculptures of Kashmir" which exclusively deals with the Kashmir school of Sculpture art provides its readers a descriptive catalogue of the Kashmir Sculptures found at various archaeological sites of this land. In the scheme of things followed here, a brief historical outline of the ancient history is followed by the history of the local Hindu period. A description of Hindu and Buddhist iconography is followed by Kashmir Shivaism and Buddhism. There is the mention of the evolution of Kashmir stone art which is followed by an elaborate discussion of various indigenous schools of Kashmir valley which had flourished here during the entire Hindu period.

Publisher - Gulshan Books  

Book Name Ancient Sculptures of Kashmir 
Author Iqbal Ahmad
Category History
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-161-0
Format Hardcover

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