Aazaad: The Poet of Lool by R.L Bhat
Aazaad: The Poet of Lool by R.L Bhat
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Aazaad: The Poet of Lool by R.L Bhat

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Abdul Ahad Azaad was a famous Kashmiri poet, writer, and scholar who lived from 1903 to 1948. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of the 20th century in the Kashmiri language. Azaad was a progressive writer and thinker, who advocated for social reform, education, and political freedom. He was also deeply committed to preserving Kashmiri culture and language. Azaad wrote extensively on a wide range of topics, including love, nature, spirituality, and social justice. His poetry is characterized by its simplicity, beauty, and profound humanism. Azaad's legacy continues to inspire generations of poets and writers in Kashmir and beyond.

Lool, This work is an English rendering of the major poetic output of Aazaad. Translated in rhyming English verse. it lays special emphasis on presenting Aazaad's thoughts and content as faithfully as a translation would allow. To enhance the import, especially for the Kashmiri knowing audience, the poems have been given in original Kashmiri, in the English alphabet in a reader-friendly modification, the Rationalized Roman for Kashmiri (RRK), devised by the translator, R L Bhat.

Publisher - Gulshan Books

Book Name Aazaad: The Poet of Lool
Author R.L Bhat
Category Poetry
Language English
ISBN 978-81-8339-494-9
Format Hardcover
Pages 415
Book Weight 575 gms
Ships From Kashmir
COD Available Yes

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